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At Titan Resource Management, our services and equipment hire are relevant and essential for various industries, including, Plastics, WEE, and Paper.

Titan Resource Management know that equipment and innovation can be expensive

Finding a profitable path that fits within budget is essential for the success of your business and also brings effective environmental processes into your development plan; we support many industries in creating this change and are happy to support you on your journey.


Offer waste audits to identify opportunities for reducing food waste, implementing composting programs, and optimising recycling in hotel kitchens, restaurants, and banquet facilities.

Provide specialised waste collection containers for segregating organic waste, recyclables, and general waste, as well as compactors to minimise the volume of waste generated.


Assist with waste stream analysis to optimise waste handling, recycling, and resource recovery within manufacturing processes, reducing production waste, and improving efficiency.

Offer industrial-sized waste bins, recycling balers, and compactors to manage large volumes of waste and recyclables generated by manufacturing operations.


Advice on sustainable packaging choices, waste reduction strategies, and recycling programs for retail stores and distribution centres.
Provide recycling bins for customers and compactors for managing cardboard and packaging waste in distribution centres.


Offer solutions for the safe disposal of medical waste, including pharmaceuticals, and other hazardous materials, while ensuring compliance with strict regulations.


Develop waste management plans for construction sites, promoting recycling of construction materials and minimising landfill waste.

Equipment Hire: Provide roll-off containers and waste compactors to efficiently handle construction and demolition debris.

Agriculture and Farming

Advice on proper agricultural waste management, such as crop residues and livestock manure, including composting and energy recovery options.
Offer equipment for on-farm composting and specialised waste collection containers for agricultural waste.
By tailoring your waste management services and equipment offerings to various industries, your business can address each sector’s specific needs and challenges. This approach enables you to provide comprehensive and effective waste management solutions, promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility across diverse business sectors.