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Consultancy / Equipment Hire

Titan Resource focuses on a complete service that provides waste management consultancy services and equipment hire; our company offers comprehensive solutions to help clients manage their waste effectively and sustainably.

Here's an expansion on each of the services:

Consultancy Services:

We conduct waste audits to assess the types and quantities of waste clients generate. This helps identify opportunities for waste reduction, recycling, and overall waste management optimisation.
We develop tailored waste minimisation strategies that focus on reducing waste at the source, maximising recycling, and optimising waste disposal practices.
We assist you in understanding and complying with local, national, and international waste management regulations, permits, and reporting requirements.
We use sustainable waste management practices, circular economy principles, and environmental best practices.
We analyse waste management costs to identify cost-saving opportunities and more efficient waste-handling methods.
We conduct training sessions for clients and their staff to raise awareness about proper waste handling, sorting, and disposal practices.

Equipment Hire:

We offer a range of waste collection containers such as bins, skips, roll-off containers, and compactors for clients to collect and segregate their waste on-site efficiently.
We provide equipment like balers and shredders to facilitate recycling operations and improve the processing of recyclable materials.
We offer waste vehicles, such as trucks or trailers, to transport waste materials from clients’ premises to designated treatment or disposal facilities.
We offer maintenance and support services for the equipment to ensure its proper functioning and promptly address any operational issues.

Titan Resource Management Ltd

we enable your business through consultancy services and equipment hire to ascertain an effective waste management process. By providing an end-to-end solution for clients, we assist them in optimising their waste management processes, reducing waste generation, complying with regulations, and adopting sustainable practices.

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