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Case Studies

Case studies within the waste management sector provide valuable insights into successful strategies, challenges faced, and the positive impact of effective waste management practices.

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Here are a few examples of case studies that showcase different aspects of waste management:

Sustainable Materials Management in a Manufacturing Plant:

Case Overview:

A manufacturing plant adopted sustainable materials management practices to reduce waste generation and improve resource efficiency. The company implemented waste audits, identified hotspots, and optimised production processes to minimise waste generation.

Outcomes: Within one year of implementing the sustainable materials management plan, the manufacturing plant reduced its overall waste generation.


  • 56% of waste going on to be recycled by third parties.
  • Biogenic waste (CO2 emissions) has dropped by over half since May 2022.
  • The business has now hit the 2-year milestone of zero waste to landfill at both manufacturing sites.
  • In 2022, waste from the total tonnage of production was at a record low of 5.8%

This resulted in significant cost savings and improved the company’s reputation as an environmentally responsible organisation. The case study demonstrates how businesses can align waste reduction efforts with their bottom line while positively impacting the environment.

Polypipe Civils and Green Urbanisation

Circular Economy Adoption in a Retail Chain

Case Overview:

A prominent luxury food chain embraced a circular economy model by redesigning its packaging and collaborating with suppliers to reduce waste throughout its supply chain.


The circular economy adoption minimised waste generation and disposal costs and fostered customer loyalty due to the brand’s commitment to sustainability. Additionally, the retail chain established strong partnerships with suppliers and waste management companies to ensure the proper recycling and recovery of materials. The case study illustrates the potential benefits of adopting circular economy principles for various business sectors.

Gü Desserts | The Ultimate Friday Night Treat – Gu Desserts

Our case studies

Our case studies highlight the diverse approaches and positive impacts that effective waste management strategies can have. They provide valuable lessons and inspire other organisations, governments, and communities to adopt sustainable waste management practices, ultimately contributing to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly future.

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