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Single Use Plastics Ban

On the first of October the single use plastics ban was bought into play by DEFRA in England.

We are concerned that many will misunderstand what this actually means.

To make the new ban on single-use plastics more effective, there are several key elements that should be considered.

The Waste Guru speaks:

First and foremost, the policy should have specific, clear, and measurable objectives. Without these, it becomes difficult for those affected by the ban to understand its purpose and for progress to be monitored. It is important for the government to establish these objectives to ensure accountability and transparency.

Additionally, there should be provisions for sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics. These alternatives should be less harmful to the environment and human health. Unfortunately, the government has not provided any guidance on what these alternatives could be, leaving businesses to figure it out on their own. This lack of clarity can simply displace the problem rather than addressing it.

It would be more impactful to support initiatives that encourage a transition towards using reusable packaging for pre-packaged food and takeaways. This would decrease the need for new plastic production, combat plastic pollution, and align with goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By promoting and incentivising the use of reusable materials, we can make a significant positive impact on the environment.

Improving awareness is also crucial. Engaging businesses from the beginning can generate buy-in and support for the ban. The UK government has worked closely with industry, trade bodies, and local authorities to prepare businesses and promote compliance. However, it seems that this engagement may not have been entirely successful, as many businesses claim they were unaware of the new regulations. It is important to ensure that businesses are well-informed and educated about the ban and its implications.

Likewise, adequate public awareness is necessary to ensure that everyone understands the reasons behind the ban and how it affects them. Providing clear information on the ban and its alternatives can help people make more informed choices and adapt to the changes. 

Overall, the effectiveness of the new ban on single-use plastics can be greatly enhanced by setting specific objectives, providing guidance on sustainable alternatives, supporting initiatives for reusable packaging, engaging businesses, and ensuring public awareness. By implementing these key elements, we can make significant progress in tackling the plastic waste and reducing pollution.

However this is down to everyone understanding the ban.

The Waste Guru and Titan Resource are concerned that this ban will create more waste please reach out to us to support you in making the right decisions for your business and planet.

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