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Plastic is not waste (in our Waste Gurus opinion!)

At Titan Resource we are often classed as disrupters due to our view on waste. We believe that waste is a resource and enable businesses to reduce waste and some reach their aim of zero to landfill.

The Waste Gurus aim is for all businesses to have that focus, minimise waste and see the positives.

Some of which are below.

Positives of plastic waste.

Plastic waste can be used for several reasons, mainly because of its durability and versatility.

  1. Recycling: Plastic waste can be recycled to create new products. By melting down and reforming plastic waste, it can be transformed into various items such as new bottles, containers, furniture, or even clothing. Recycling plastic helps reduce the demand for new plastic production, conserving resources and energy.
  2. Upcycling: Instead of recycling, plastic waste can also be upcycled, which means giving it a new purpose without breaking it down completely. For example, plastic bottles can be repurposed as planters, pencil holders, or creative art installations. Upcycling plastic waste promotes creativity and helps reduce the amount of plastic ending up in landfills or oceans.
  3. Energy generation: Non-recyclable plastic waste, such as certain types of packaging or films, can be converted into energy through processes like waste-to-energy facilities. These facilities use controlled combustion or gasification to convert plastic waste into heat, electricity, or fuel. This offers an alternative energy source while minimizing the environmental impact associated with traditional fossil fuels.
  4. Construction materials: Some plastic waste can be used to create construction materials, such as bricks, pipes or tiles. By incorporating plastic waste into these materials, it helps reduce the amount of traditional building materials needed, such as clay or concrete. Additionally, plastic-based construction materials can offer improved insulation properties and reduce overall energy consumption.

One of the businesses we support recently won an award at the Annual BPF dinner, Polypipe have utilised recycled plastic to create a game changing product, to find out more visit the Polypipes story