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“Eggstremley” excited by Easter waste facts

The Waste Guru and Titan Ted are “eggstremley” excited by their Easter waste facts. Some egg-cellent facts and statistics about Easter egg waste
Easter egg waste

The Waste Guru and Titan Ted are “eggstremley” excited by their Easter waste facts.

Here are just

Some egg-cellent facts and statistics about Easter egg waste:

  • If all the Easter eggs bought in the UK were laid out in a line, it would stretch the entire length of The Great Wall of China. And all those Easter eggs that go to waste could cover Hadrian’s Wall two and a half times.
  • Approximately 8 million Easter eggs are uneaten and discarded as food waste in the UK.
  • A quarter of an Easter egg’s weight is the packaging, which is usually made from cardboard, plastic, and foil.
  • Easter egg packaging creates over 8,000 tonnes of waste in the UK each year.
  • Easter eggs generate around 4,300 tonnes of card waste from the boxes and other packaging.
  • About 160 tonnes of foil packaging are used in Easter eggs to protect the chocolate.
  • Chocolate eggs only take up 38% of an Easter egg box in terms of volume, with the rest being packaging and empty space.
  • The packaging of the average 200g Easter egg uses 54 grams of card and 2 grams of foil.

Want more no need to hunt ……..

Here are some general stats and facts about Easter eggs:

  • The first chocolate Easter eggs were produced in the UK by J.S. Fry and Sons in 1873. Since then, the tradition has taken off, and UK consumers spend nearly half a billion pounds on Easter eggs every year.
  • Between 80 and 90 million Easter eggs are sold in the UK annually.
  • UK consumers spend over £400 million on Easter eggs each year, accounting for 10% of the nation’s spending on chocolate.
  • On average, children receive more than 8 Easter eggs every year.
  • The average price of an Easter egg is £5.72, although it may vary depending on the size and brand.

As a waste management business we are always hoping for change.

From the design stage a difference can be made to create a better box for Ester Eggs, there are of course alternatives, for example you get way more chocolate, less waste, and it costs a lot less by buying a simple chocolate bar!

Worth thinking about.

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